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AC VALHALLA ALFRED STUDY LOCATION AC Valhalla Alfred Study Location: Check Out This Guide To Find The Alfred Study Key

The Alfred study in AC Valhalla is located in Wincestre. The exact location for the key is the Old Minster church. Read on to know more.

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Wincestre is the location of Alfred's research in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The Old Minster church is the exact site. When you get inside, there will be an altar. Continue up the stairwell before you reach the library. A door with a padlock can be found on the left side of the corridor leading out of the library. This is the thesis of King Aelfred. There will be a great deal of paperwork inside and these will help you out by giving additional information.

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AC Valhalla Alfred Study Location

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This begins with the assassination of all Order members except the Father, as well as all zealtos. After that, you must finish the entire main plot, including all sagas. Only after you've completed all of these tasks will you be able to return to Hytham and discuss Alfred. After this, a quest will begin the name, "Poor Fellow Soldier," which will lead you to Alfred. Simply speak to him once you've found him, and he'll give you the key, in the end, to help you figure out what his motives were.

AC Valhalla Update for User Interface / HUD

  • A fix was made and now the camera will be closer to the character while the user is in the Animus Store browsing tattoos.
  • Various UI/HUD issues were addressed, such as the arrow quantity remaining stuck at 12, UI language changes not being implemented during battle, color-blind previews not always being shown in the menu, and color-blind values not being applied to the Order of Ancient menu.
  • More updates involve the removal of a blank box from the Completed Quests list, the ability to negate fall damage by opening the menu just before reaching the field, and the auto Loot patch, which previously didn't work when an opponent was stun done. 
  • More problems were also resolved, such as the Raculf Monastery being unable to be raided, some icons for newly obtained God Favors being missing, in-Game news not loading correctly, causing players to obtain incorrect items when buying Vegvisir (Front) or Muninn (Front) schemes, and allowing players to acquire duplicate Asgardian ship schemes.

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