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Best Character In Free Fire: List Of Top 5 Character And Their Abilities In The Game

Best Character in Free Fire is a popular term searched by the gamers. So we have listed all the information about these characters and their skills. Read

best character in free fire


Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game that is played by thousands of users all over the globe. The makers have added a number of different characters in the game with different perks and abilities to use. Thus the players have been asking about the Best Character in Free Fire. to help them, here is all the information about Best Character in Free Fire. Read more

Best Character in Free Fire

The players have recently been trying to find out about the Best Character in Free Fire. The answer to these questions can be very subjective as everything depends on the player’s gameplay. A player who has the ability to attack cannot be using a defensive character and the same for the defensive players.  Thus here is a list of some popular Free Fire characters to choose from and know more about them. Have look at all the character and their abilities and choose according to your play style. Read more

  • DJ Alok Skin: DJ Alok’s skin in the game is known as Drop the Beat. Using this skin will help the  players by giving them a 5m aura which is going to raise the ally's movement speed by 10% and will also restore 5 HP/s for five seconds at its most basic level (level 1). The level of this skin can be easily improved by using fragments. Drop the Beat's highest level can improve the travel speed by 15% and restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds. This skin is helpful for Clash Squad and ranked mode matches. 
  • Captain Booyah Skin: The character K is basically a jiu-jitsu practitioner and also has the active skill, Master of All. Using this skill certainly helps the players as it gives them a total of 50 points of EP. The skin also has a jiu-jitsu mode that will kill any enemies in a 6m radius and earn a 500% increment in EP conversion rate.The players can improve these abilities by increasing the skin’s level. Using this is recommended for both, aggressive and passive players. 
  • Shimada Hayato: This character was released on March 20, 2019 and since then it has been one of the most used Free Fire characters till date. This skin will give the players a 10% armor penetration for every 10% HP loss. Using this character can certainly be helpful in one v one situations. The players can even increase the skin's powers by levelling it up. 
  • Kelly: this character has been one of the first set of characters that were released for Free Fire players. Increasing the character’s levels to the max can help the players and give them an increased 5% sprint speed. The character is a special one as it happens to be an Awakened character in Free Fire and the players can use the Awaken Shardsto awaken her and get a new ability – Deadly Velocity.  
  • Paloma: This character might just be the most used character in the game because of her abilities with Assault rifles. Paloma is handy for players who have a preference of using the Assault Rifles. The character’s 180 AR ammunition will not use up any inventory space if reached at the maximum level. Thus improving the players storage capacity drastically. 


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