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Dr Disrespect Reappears Briefly On Twitch In Warzone Event; Find Out What Happened

Dr Disrespect made a brief reappearance on Twitch on April 26, 2021. The streamer was banned from Twitch in 2020 and no reasons for his ban were given.

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Image Source: Dr Disrespect Instagram 

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers and a pillar amongst the online gaming community. He regularly streams on YouTube and plays shooter games. Dr Disrespect has a large following of loyal fans who have been with him since his Twitch days. Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch in 2020 in a surprising move from the streaming company, seeing as the streamer brought a large number of viewers to the platform.

While no clear reasons for his bans were given, Twitch made it pretty clear that his ban was permanent. Twitch also made rules telling other content creators not to collaborate with Dr Disrespect. Now, about a year later, Dr Disrespect made his return to Twitch, but not in a way anyone could have thought. Read on to know more about Dr Disrespect Twitch reappearance. 

Dr Disrespect Reappears on Twitch

Dr Disrespect made a small reappearance on Twitch on April 26th, but it was an accident. The COD Warzone Code Red event was being live-streamed on Twitch. During a commercial break in between the tournament, Dr Disrespect appeared briefly but prominently on a Mountain Dew commercial. Mountain Dew is an official sponsor of the Warzone Code Red Event. The Twitch chat didn't fail to notice his appearance and spammed emotes and copypastas for Dr Disrespect. However, as reported by, the event host channel BOOM TV revealed that the incident was an accident and unintentional. 

Dr Disrespect Ban 

Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch has always been controversial and clouded in mystery. Twitch never revealed an official reason for his ban but many fans suspect Twitch and Dr Disrespect had a falling out when negotiating his payment. As per, Dr Disrespect was demanding a multi-million dollar payment from Twitch by leveraging his offers from other platforms. Evidently, the Twitch administration took offence over this and permabanned him.

Since then, the streamer has found success on YouTube where he regularly gets a lot of views and sponsorship deals. In the end, Twitch lost a valuable content creator, whereas Dr Disrespect built up a nice community and loyal following on his YouTube streaming channel. Stay tuned for more news on Twitch and gaming. You can check out Dr Disrespect's official YouTube channel here

Image Source: Dr Disrespect Instagram 

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