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How To Become Zombie In Warzone? Here's The Zombie Transformation Guide For Warzone

'How to become Zombie in Warzone?' is what players have been curious about. Learn the method of becoming a Zombie in Warzone and more here.

Source: StreamerOld Twitter

Source: StreamerOld Twitter

COD Warzone has become an extremely popular game with an expansive and massive player base. The move that made this game extremely popular is when Call of Duty decided to release a free-to-play Call of Duty game for the players. One more feature that is loved by the fans of the game is that some of the elements from the latest game installments by Call of Duty make their way into Warzone too. The latest content is Zombies that have made their way into Warzone from Black Ops Cold War. Numerous players wish to learn how to become Zombie in Warzone?

How to become Zombie in Warzone?

The Warzone map has been contaminated, these contamination levels have been going upwards for a long time and finally have reached 100%. Due to this, Warzone Radiation zones have formed on the map and these have been marked by red circles. At the moment there are two Warzone radiation zones in the game, at the Shipwreck and the Prison, but more are expected to arrive soon. Through these red circles, players can become Zombie in Warzone.

Players that die in the contamination zones turn into zombies and then get their own set of tools to continue their fight against the enemies. A Zombie in Warzone can only survive till the time on of the players in their team is alive, once that player dies, the whole team will be knocked. Players can’t turn into zombies while playing Solo.

Zombies have been armed with a few unique abilities to spread devastation across the map. One of the most important and handy abilities is a permanent UAV, they can constantly spot other players on the map with the help of this ability. Other abilities include Charge Jump, EMP Blast, and Gas Grenade.

Warzone Nuke Event

Warzone is all set to have its new nuke event as soon as possible. They have been generating a huge amount of hype by adding easter eggs for this event in the game. The Arrival of season 2 in Warzone also saw the arrival of Missile Silos in the game. Recently, the players have also witnessed parts of the maps exploding while in-game. This is supposed to be one of the easter eggs for the new event. Many players have been wondering about Warzone missiles flying and other strange occurrences, which all point towards the nuke event. Players believe that the Warzone Nuke Event will disintegrate Verdansk and make way for a whole new map.

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