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Louis Vuitton To Launch A Video Game Called Louis: The Game On Founder's 200th Birthday

Louis Vuitton is launching their first full-fledged video game, with storyline filled with quests. The main character in the game is Vivienne, brand's mascot.

Louis Vuitton to launch a video game called Louis: The Game on founder's 200th birthdayn


Louis Vuitton is estimated to be one of the world's most valuable luxury brands. The French fashion house has a 167 years old legacy and its net worth is estimated to be over $40 billion. Their dominance in the fashion industry is known globally. However, in an interesting turn of events, Louis Vuitton is launching a video game for Android and iOS devices. The video game titled 'Louis: The Game' will have a quest-full journey, which will walk players through the history of the brand. Additionally, the game is also reported to feature non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Keep reading to know more about Louis: The Game.

Louis Vuitton is developing a video game for Android and iOS devices

Brand's mascot will be the protagonist in the game 

Louis; The Game will be a first-person explorer type of game, with the storyline filled with quests. The main character in the game is Vivienne, who also happens to be the French luxury brand's mascot. From what it looks like, the wooden doll will set out on a journey in the game to explore the brand's history. Louis Vuitton had previously developed a game called Endless Runner, which was launched in 2019 on the company's website to showcase Virgil Abloh's FW2019 runaway collection. In the game, players had to collect Louis Vuitton-themed tokens while running over obstacles. 

The quest-based story will tell about brand history

As reported by an Australian publisher Kurier, the brand mascot Vivienne will be leading the quests in the game. As the wooden doll will make progress in the game, each objective or quest will reveal a tad about the brand's 167-year-old history. Additionally, users will be able to pick collectible items in the form of NFTs. The report also adds that gameplay will be generic, with a focus on visuals. However, the availability of the game is not confirmed to be selected or global. The game is reported to launch on August 4, for both Android and iOS devices. The NFT embedded game is being launched on the 200th birthday of the founder of the brand, Louis Vuitton himself. The fashion brand also has a planned documentary which will be aired via Apple TV and will be called Looking for Louis.

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