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Microsoft Removes The Xbox Live Subscription Required For Free-to-play Xbox Games

Microsoft has decided to remove the Xbox Live subscription which was required to play online free to play games. Read on to know the best free Xbox games.

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Microsoft has finally decided to remove its mandatory Xbox Live Subscription that was needed to play online multiplayer games on the Xbox consoles. Xbox players had been complaining for weeks about the mandatory live subscription they had to purchase in order to play free-to-play games. Microsoft has finally listened to their fans and removed the Xbox Live subscription requirement to play online games. Read on to know the most popular free to play Xbox games you can play online now. 

Microsoft Removes Xbox Live Requirement for Free-To-Play Games

According to an article by Verge, Microsoft had been testing removing the Xbox Live requirement on some consoles in Beta. Now, they have rolled out this feature for all Xbox series S/X consoles. In addition to removing the Xbox live for online requirement, Mircosoft has also unlocked the Xbox party chat and the Looking for Groups (LKG) option as part of this rollout. This is a welcome move for Xbox owners, as they won't have to pay a ridiculous mandatory fee to play a popular free game like Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone. As a result, the Xbox will most likely see a rise in sales as players can play a ton of free games on the Xbox platform without paying anything extra. 

Back in 2021, Microsoft had tried to raise the prices of Xbox Live Gold by almost double. Their move had backfired as the company received massive backlash from the gaming community for predatory pricing practices. Since then, many gamers had been petitioning for completely removing the Xbox Live subscription for playing free-to-play Xbox games. 

Microsoft is also going to drop the Xbox Live branding, as per the report by Verge, meaning Xbox Games with Gold will likely be abandoned in the near future or replaced. However, it must be noted that players will still need a subscription to play games on the Xbox 360. With the Xbox Gold Live going away soon, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass is their most successful subscription service. Xbox players can pay for a Game Pass subscription and play more than a 100 games that are part of the Game Pass. The Microsoft Game Pass is also available on PCs. Now that Microsoft has removed the Xbox Live requirement for multiplayer, let's take a look at the best Xbox Free games available right now. 

Best Xbox Free Games

  • Call of Duty Warzone 
  • Destiny 2
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League 
  • Apex Legends 
  • Paladins 

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