Apple Reassures IPad Pro 2018 Users On “Bend” Issue

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  • Bend on Apple iPad Pro 2018 is not apparently a defect
  • Apple states that there would not be any negative effct on the performance of the iPad Pro

If you are a buyer of Apple’s iPad Pro 2018 and having witnessed a minor bend on the chassis, then you would not have to worry as Apple is said to have reaffirmed users that the bend would not impact the performance of the slate and neither is it a  defect. This could even be a minor manufacturing aspect.

Now, as per a Verge report which states that it has Apple’s confirmation over the above issue, users of the 2018 iPad Pro edition can take it easy as the bend like unusual pattern has been the effect of cooling stages during the overall manufacturing process. AT this instant, it is worth noting that multiple users took to the official MacRumours forums (in addition to other social channels) to state that they could observe slight bend like curves on their new iPad Pro slates.

There has also been another community reporting that their units were bent “out of the box”. For this, Apple stated (to The Verge) that certain devices have been shipping with the bend-like hardware aspect on the outer chasis of the slate. The Cupertino-based company has also reportedly assured users that the small curve observed would not cause any negative effects for both the users as well as the slate’s performance. In case you think that the bend (on the iPad Pro 2018) deserves a return/exchange, then you could check out the authorized Apple Stores in case your slate qualifies for a replacement or return. Here, it is not known whether Apple considers replacements/exchanges for cases like the above.

Hence, you could share thoughts/insights on whether you noticed the bend on your iPad Pro 2018 slates; if yes which was the variant?

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