India Improved Greatly In Fixed Broadband Internet Speeds, Check Out The Country's Global Rankings

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  • Ookla's Speedtest Global Index has placed India at the 65th position in fixed broadband speeds and 111th position in mobile internet speeds
  • There has beenhuge imporvements in the fixed download speeds in India in 2018 up till November

With technology disruption being the focal point, it only becomes imminent that a lot of aspects around us are connected and thereby make a turn towards digital. In this situation, it becomes natural that these smart processes require the internet to be active and high speed so that effective communication and integration between the physical and digital takes place seamlessly.

Hence, with internet speeds being the criteria, broadband and mobile represent the most important medium of achieving connectivity (and subsequent integration). Here, it is worth noting that India’s fixed broadband speeds improved greatly; as per Ookla that analyses internet speeds over multiple performance metrics.

Ookla also adds that the average fixed download speed was 23.00 Mbps in 2018; apparently representing a 50.4% improvement. Also, as per the firm, India ranked 65th in fixed broadband internet speeds in the world; with impetus from the speed improvement.

As far as mobile internet speeds are concerned, India has been placed at the 111th position, with a 15.2% rise in average download speeds.  These statistics are according to Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index compiled in November 2018.

With respect to global internet speeds, these increased by 15% this year. On mobile, the mean global speeds were 22.82 Mbps; representing a 15.2% rise in downloads nd 11.60% in mobile uploads. Ookla also placed China on top among the list of countries with fastest average mobile speeds.

In related news, the world’s first 5G network has apparently been deployed by US wireless carrier AT&T that is letting select individuals and enterprises test out the new network standards from December 21 in multiple US cities. A new 5G+ hotspot called the Netgear Nighthawk would let users experience 5G+ network; this hardware would be available for purchase from 2019 for Rs 35000 ($499).

Here, you could share thoughts and insights on the next-gen internet-related elements you expect to witness during the current fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Internet speeds could increase exponentially here.

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