Apple’s “Shot On IPhone” Photography Challenge Now Live: Do You Think You Can Shoot Like A Pro?

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Shot on iPhone goes on from January 2 till February 7
  • You could post you best photograph to enter the challenge

The “Shot on iPhone” contest is now live and if you are an Apple iPhone user, do shoot what could be termed as your best photography within your phone and post them to Apple. For starters, the Shot on iPhone challenge is an annual affair where the Cupertino-based company accepts photographs from iPhone users across the world and displays select images which it considers best in certain cities of the world on billboards, hoardings, and both online/offline official Apple retail stores.

The challenge is now officially live and runs from January 22 till February 7, The Cupertino-based company seeks shots that capture underlying details effectively whilst emphasizing custom themes and concepts. In case your photograph qualifies, then this would join ten others as the best photographs shot on the iPhone.

You could check out Apple’s social media handles and use custom hashtags to submit your entries (photograph). Along with capturing a photo, you could also edit these with Apple’s editing tools offered within the Photos app, or even with third-party software.

In case your photograph is edited, you should reveal the underlying apps/filters used. Also, you should remember to use only an Apple iPhone to shoot the image; and not other smartphones/tablets.

Your photograph would be evaluated thoroughly by a panel of judges; results would be published on the official social media handles of Apple as well as official channels. Hence, you could hone your photography skills now if you are an iPhone user.

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