Bill Gates Opens Up About Challenges With Windows Mobile Phone


Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsft opens up about why Microsoft and its efforts on the Windows Mobile platform failed at getting on par with Google's Android.

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There was a time when three major mobile operating systems powered smartphones. These operating systems were Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. However, as time passed by, Android and iOS became more efficient and feature-packed, which ultimately led to the failure of Windows in the smartphone OS market share. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation opened up about what led to the decline of the Windows Phone operating system. Here is what according to Bill Gates was the greatest mistake ever:

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Missing the Android opportunity

In an interview with a leading technology portal, Bill Gates stated in the software world and especially those catering to platforms, the markets are winner-takes-all in nature. So he said Microsoft's greatest ever mistake was the mismanagement that caused them to no longer be on par with what Android is doing right now. Bill Gates said currently Android is the current standard non-Apple mobile platform, and that is what Microsoft had to win.

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Bill Gates also stated that since the market is winner-take-all, thus if you have half the apps or even 90% for what the platform has, you are on the way to doom. Bill Gates added that there is space for only one non-Apple platform in the market, and it's worth $400 billion, which would be transferred from company G to company M. Microsoft was internally busy discussing whether they should discontinue their Windows Phone efforts, which were not touch-friendly and were inspired by stylus-powered devices. In December 2008, Microsoft, in an emergency meeting, decided to scrap its Windows Mobile and completely reboot the mobile efforts.

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Bill Gates’ admission is considered to be a mistake similar to Steve Ballmer. Steve Ballmer was the one who undermined the iPhone saying that it lacks the keyboard, but he crucially missed out the fact that the technology world was ushering into a touch-friendly world. However, Ballmer noted that even after being the costliest phone ever it could go on to sell well in the markets. Microsoft’s mobile mistake was one of the earliest error by the USA based software company, and it arose from the very top of the hierarchy.

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Is Windows Phone supported right now?

Amidst all these talks and Bill Gates opening up about the Windows Mobile mistake, the pertinent question is whether is Windows Phone is supported in 2019. The answer to this query is in a statement made through a leading technology portal, the Windows Phone authorities have said that they will terminate all software support for Windows Phone from December 10, 2019. The last Windows Phone that was released in the markets was the Microsoft Lumia 650, in the year 2016. Mircosoft has officially discontinued manufacturing and selling its Windows Mobile smartphones.

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