CES 2019: Samsung’s 5G Smartphone Almost Missed Everyone’s Eyes

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Samsung could have just made its 5G smartphones intentions clear at the CES 2019
  • The handset showcased was only a prototype

The recently concluded CES 2019 that showcased how AI could be integrated to even mundane physical aspects to make these “smarter”, also apparently resulted in Samsung showcasing a 5G smartphone prototype without much fanfare. At this juncture, the South Korea-based smartphone brand has an Unpacked event on February 20 where loyalists expect the company to showcase a 5G variant of the purported Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone.

As per a PC Magazine report, only certain sections of people were allowed to check out the Samsung 5G smartphone prototype at CES 2019, and this handset was also apparently incorporated a foldable design. Also, according to VentureBeat, there were no live demos of the 5G smartphone. Here, it is worth understanding that 5G wireless networks are yet to go live in US; certain cities have starting witnessing pilots from AT&T in select US cities.

Hence, Samsung could have just resorted to a hardware showcasing of a 5G smartphone to enable people obtain a virtual experience of what a future 5G smartphone from the company could feel like. Loyalists should keep in mind that the device displayed the CES 2019 was only a prototype and not a live device. It is possible that Samsung might have demoed only a certain design aspect of potential 5G-compatible smartphones; it is also reported that the device was hidden inside a protective case. Therefore, the company could also have only resorted to making its intentions clear.

In related 5G developments, Samsung’s event on February 20 is now of great human interest due to the fact that there could be the newest iteration of the Galaxy S series flagship apart from a potential 5G variant of this phone.  In tandem, US carrier Sprint is all set to officially launch a Samsung smartphone that is said to be 5G-compatible. This device may go official once Sprint deploys its 5G networks across the US.

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