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How To Screen Record On Android? Here's How You Can Record Your Screen Easily

How to screen record on Android? Here is everything you need to know about how to screen record on android smartphone devices. Read more here.

how to screen record on android

Android smartphones are amongst the widely used operating systems, especially the newly launched Android v10 (Q). People love to use android smartphones for their easy user interface that allows them to make HD calls, better functioning, use newly updated apps, and more. Where people in India are widely enjoying android systems, many smartphone makers prefer using Google-owned AndroidOne OS or create Android-based operating systems to meet the need of the users. Many tech supergiants like OnePlus, OPPO, Nokia, Vivo, Motto and more are some of the many android smartphone companies operating widely in India.

While users are enjoying android features, people find many iOS features such as Screen recording alluring. A screen recording feature allows users to record everything that a user does on his or her smartphone after switching on the screen recording. This helps users to make precise videos, record videos they cannot download and more. However, android users do not have to worry as they can also use a screen recording feature on Android smartphones. If you are wondering how to screen record on Android smartphones, here is all you need to know-

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How to screen record on Android smartphones?

  • To start screen recording, download a third-party application called "Screen recorder" from Google Play Store.
  • Once the Screen recorder app is installed, open the app and tap on the "Camera icon" to start recording the screen.
  • The app will ask permission to start recording the screen, just press "OK."
  • After the three seconds countdown, the application will start recording the screen
  • Use it as per the need and to stop recording the screen either lock your phone by pressing the Power button or press the Stop button of the Screen Recorder app's window on the notification bar.

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Make note that this feature allows you to record your screen activity and whatever you do after you switch it on. However, some apps such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and more may not allow you to screen record and might go blank when you try. This means that one can only screen record certain apps that do not have a blocking privacy policy such as Instagram and Facebook. Screen record on your Android smartphone effectively using the method described above.

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