Oppo will Showcase Its Under-display Selfie Camera Tech On June 26 

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Days after teasing it on social media, Oppo is all set to demo its under-display selfie camera tech to a broader audience on June 26 at MWC Shanghai 2019. Chances are we may get to hear more about the tech, its use-cases, as well as possible market availability on the said date. No further details have been shared.  

Oppo recently demoed what could be the world’s first under-display selfie camera and even though the company was quick to note that it would be difficult for an under-display selfie camera to reproduce the same level of quality in photos as a conventional camera, there’s no denying that that’s the nest step in smartphone evolution.  

The race to build the perfect all-screen smartphone has seen companies experimenting with all kinds of solutions. We’re already seeing more and more in-display tech flooding the smartphone industry – everything from the fingerprint scanner to the speaker/receiver grille (and sensors) is going in-display. The selfie camera following the same route doesn’t seem all that surprising.  

Oppo isn’t sharing specifics just yet – the company hasn’t revealed any tentative timeline when we can see its under-display selfie camera inside a commercial product soon. All this could mean only one thing, the technology could be in very early stage as we speak. Either that, or we may be in for a surprise at MWC Shanghai 2019. 

Xiaomi tried to steal Oppo’s thunder somewhat by demoing its own under-display selfie camera tech minutes after Oppo’s recent reveal. But it isn’t ready to show it off just yet. In Xiaomi’s defence, there’s a little more that we know about how its take functions while we literally know nothing about Oppo’s solution.   

Xiaomi has confirmed that its solution is an independent intellectual property, which means it could be based on an entirely different mechanism (compared to Oppo’s take). Secondly, Xiaomi has confirmed its solution will use AMOLED – although chances are, even Oppo’s solution would use the same kind of panel. Lastly, Xiaomi says that it has figured out a way to make sure that light falling on the display does not hinder image formation by the sensor - but has it also figured out a way to reproduce good-quality photos with its solution, is something only time will tell. 

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