Vivo’s 120W Super Flash Charge Tech Can Apparently Top Up A 4,000mAh Battery Phone In 13 Minutes 

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

If you thought Xiaomi’s recently demoed 100W Super Charge Turbo tech was insane, wait till you hear what Vivo has been brewing. Vivo is working on an even crazier 120W fast charging tech – called Super Flash Charge – that can apparently charge a 4,000mAh battery phone from 0-50 per cent in just 5 minutes – a full 100 per cent top-up takes 13 minutes. For some perspective, Xiaomi’s 100W Super Charge Turbo tech tops up a phone with a similar sized battery in little over 15 minutes (in 17 minutes to be precise). 

Although the jury is still out on whether insane fast-charging tech can have adverse effects on the longevity of Li-ion batteries inside most portable mobile devices, more and more brands are now coming up with faster solutions – some like Oppo and Huawei have already been using technologies like 50W Super VOOC and 55W SuperCharge in commercial devices. 

Oppo’s 50W (10V/5A) Super VOOC Charging can charge a 3700mAh battery phone to up to 65 per cent in 17 minutes - the tech is already shipping inside a phone called the Oppo R17 Pro. Also, Huawei's 55W SuperCharge is claimed to charge 85 per cent of the Mate X's 4,500mAh battery in 30 minutes - the Mate X isn't available for buying yet though. OnePlus also has 30W Dash Charging to its name.  

Vivo is now gearing to demo its fast charging tech at the upcoming MWC Shanghai 2019 – we may also hear more details about it at the annual trade show event, including a tentative timeline when we can see the tech in action in a commercially available device. Vivo is also gearing to announce or at least show off a fully functional 5G phone at MWC Shanghai 2019 alongside its 120W Super Flash Charge tech. 

Coming to Xiaomi's Super Charge Turbo tech, the company's president Lin Bin recently took to China's social media website Weibo to show off the new tech - comparing its charging speed with Oppo's. But we may have to wait longer to see it in action since Xiaomi isn't telling if the tech is ready for prime-time just yet. Also, we do not know if Xiaomi is planning to mass-market it anytime soon, or if it would be just another prototype showcase for hype. 

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