PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 Third Episode Sees Player Drafts


The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 Gaming tournament witnessed content creators being drafted by different teams. The "chicken dinner" was grabbed by Kenbo.

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PUBG’s PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC 2019) is currently in its third episode of the Road To Stardom mini-series. In this episode, Team SOUL welcomed content creator Rolex, and Dynamo Gaming was roped in by SpaceStation Gaming. These draft picks were decided on the basis of invitations sent out by respective teams to the content creators. For content creators, with multiple invitations. They could choose which invitation to accept after publicly displaying these.  

Check out the Third Episode of PMSC 2019 

The third episode of the mini-series is available for viewing from here. At this point in time, India’s own content creator Dynamo Gaming is leading the pack as far as accumulating fan votes based on performance is concerned. He has so far garnered 443257 votes. In a hilarious moment in the competition, Raw Knee Gaming seemed to be upset (on a lighter note) with Rolex who has now been drafted by Team SOUL. Here, remember that the team still has IG Mortal – who would only move away from the team after the completion of PMSC 2019.  

Also, Team SOUL are only one among a handful of English-speaking players. Rolex seemed to be comfortable with this aspect – upon joining the team. Then, Dynamo Gaming was drafted to Space Station Gaming (SSG). Rolex was earlier with SSG. For unpaired content creators, they received custom pairing later based on individual selection from unpaired players. As far as these pairings (with content creators) are concerned, Gareeboo is with TeamIND, Rolex with Team SOUL, and Kronten Gaming with Evos.  In the end, Kenboo and Bigetron walked away with the “Chicken Dinner”.  

Content Creators Also Switch Teams

After the match, gaming creators were also given an opportunity to switch teams which resulted in RawKnee Gaming coming back to Team SOUL. Kenboo also switched to a team which was not revealed and would be done in the next episode of Road To Stardom that streams on 31 August. The grand finale of the PMSC 2019 takes place in Taipei between 7-8 September 2019. This predicament is definitely interesting. 

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