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Google To Provide Work From Home To Its Employees Till The End Of 2020?

Has Google has provided its employees with a choice to work from home until the end of 2020. Find out above the amended rules of the organisation here


Due to the expanse of the Coronavirus pandemic in the world, people around the globe are practising social distancing and self-isolation to protect themselves from its dangers. Many countries are under lockdown to contain the virus in their province which is why many organisations have asked employees to work from home. To keep their employees safe, Google has announced that its employees will work from home the entire year.

Google announces work from home for its employees for the entire year of 2020?

As per reports, Google is amongst the few companies who have taken the initiative to ask its employees to work from home to keep them safe from catching any health problems during this time of need. Many employees of the organisation are happy as they have a choice to stay at home and spend time with family while working. But according to another report from a leading portal, the Alphabet-owned company is planning to stop working from home till June 1, 2020. The same report also revealed that the return to the office for the employees would be done in a gradual, incremental way.

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According to reports, Sundar Pichai said that the employees who would have to return to office will not be called before June or July. In the same statement, Google CEO also revealed that the organisation will be emphasizing on new and more effective safety measures, with an entirely different in-office experience for the employees. 

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Similar to Google, social media supergiant Facebook has also announced that the employees of the organisation will also be working from home until the offices open by July 6. But, Facebook Inc has also provided its employees to choose to work from home until the end of 2020. 

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