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AI A Great Social Leveller: Sanjeev Sanyal Predicts These People May Lose Jobs To Bots

Sanjeev Sanyal said Artificial Intelligence (AI) potentially replacing humans in various jobs is a 'great social leveller' and not a bad thing.

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Harsh Vardhan
Sanjeev Sanyal

Sanjeev Sanyal said the risk is only to those who never invested in ideas; Image: Shutterstock

Artificial Intelligence can be a great social leveller, according to Sanjeev Sanyal, author and member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council. Re-tweeting a data set showing risks to certain 'high paying' jobs due to language-based AI models, Sanyal wrote that all that technology did is 'abolish market inefficiency' and the risk is only to those who never invested in ideas. "If your job can be replaced by a language programme, then it should not have been high paying in the first place. You were just enjoying rent for an expensive education, not for the quality of your ideas. Technology has just abolished a market inefficiency," the author tweeted. "Those who merely invested in learning the right jargon and accent, rather than ideas, will get weeded out. Why is this a bad thing? If anything this a great social leveller," he wrote in a second tweet. 

According to the report re-tweeted by Sanyal, jobs like Genetic Counselors, Financial Examiners, Actuaries, Accountants, and teachers of law and history are some of the 'high paying' jobs that AI models such as ChatGPT, and its competitors Bing and Google Bard chatbots could replace humans in. 

There has been some serious hype around how AI could take over major fields in a harmful way to humans but many also argue that it can be revolutionary in the fields of medical science and education. In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network, Artificial Intelligence expert, Jaspreet Bindra said when it comes to losing jobs, one should worry about people who know how to use AI to their advantage rather than AI itself. "AI will not replace your job but a human being using it and those using it efficiently and productively, will," he said.