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NASA Scientists Claim There Is No Proof Of A Parallel Universe

NASA scientists have reportedly said that there is no proof of a parallel universe as of yet. The news of a parallel universe was based on "found evidence".


Scientists had come up with a strange phenomenon and claimed that they have discovered a parallel universe which is quite similar to our planet and excited a lot of people. But recently NASA scientists have reportedly said that there is no proof of a parallel universe as of yet. The news of a parallel universe was based on "found evidence" for a parallel universe where time runs backwards. 

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Parallel Universe Not Found reportedly said that the finding was based on an experiment in Antarctica where detected particles that break the laws of physics. The findings of a parallel universe reportedly said that NASA's Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) is a giant mass balloon which was used to haul delicate electronic antennas high into the dry air. According to the reports, the findings suggested that there was a constant wind of high energy particles coming from outer space and a lot of them are so powerful that anything on earth's surface can generate. According to the reports, the experiment involved radio antennas attached to a helium balloon that flies at 37,000 meters over the Antarctic ice-sheet. The antennas can fetch the high energy particles, also known as neutrinos which constantly bombard the planet. 

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According to ANITA scientists, low energy Neutrinos can pass completely through the Earth, barely interacting with the substance of our planet at all. But higher energy objects are stopped by the reassuringly solid matter of the Earth. That means that high energy particles can only be detected coming “down” from outer space. Given this, to detect a heavier particle – a tau neutrino – coming “up” out of the Earth would imply that these particles are actually travelling backwards in time.

Peter Gorham, an experimental particle physicist at the University of Hawaii and principal investigator at ANITA, is lead author on a Cornell University paper describing the bizarre phenomenon. Pointing out the sheer impossibility of the tau neutrino’s behaviour, Gorham suggests that the only way it could happen is if the particle changed into a different type of particle before passing through the Earth and then back again. "It’s a billion-to-one shot that might just happen once" he said

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