Solar Eclipse 2019: When It Will End Today And What Does It Mean?


Solar Eclipse 2019 is the last eclipse of the year. Read more to know about Solar Eclipse December 2019 in India, and other details about the timings.

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solar eclipse

The last solar eclipse of the year and decade is currently happening. The eclipse began a few seconds before 8 am IST today and will continue until around 1:35 pm IST. This is not a total solar eclipse but an annular one that is rare in its own way. In an annular solar eclipse, moon eclipses the sun to form a 'ring of fire' in the sky. As per reports, the last solar eclipse of 2019 will be visible in places such as India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the Philippines. Only part of west and south India will witness the maximum eclipse, whereas north and east will witness the partial annular eclipse. 

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An annular solar eclipse

Normally, when the new moon crosses the light of the sun, it brings a total solar eclipse on earth. But it would not be the case this time as the moon is currently quite beyond than average from the earth and once it will intersect the Sun, a “negative shadow” or what technically called the antumbra will become visible in the form of the ring of fire. This is known as an annular eclipse.

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Solar eclipse timings

According to the reports of a leading daily, the annular solar eclipse 2019 will be visible from most of Asia including South India as well as certain parts of North/ West Australia and North/ East Africa. The partial eclipse will appear at the first location at around 7:59 am IST on Thursday, December 26, 2019. After that, it will reach the full eclipse stage at near 9:04 am IST and then move to the maximum eclipse position at 10:47 am IST. Further, the solar eclipse will last for a maximum of three minutes and 40 seconds. People in Britain and North America would not be able to see the annular solar eclipse 2019 on the ground.

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Where to watch

As per a leading news portal, the annular solar eclipse of December 26 will start around 180 kilometres west of Dammam in eastern Saudi Arabia. In India, the eclipse will reach from the west coast of Southern India. Coimbatore will be the first prominent city to see the annular eclipse.

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Safety measures

There a few safety measures that you should ensure to do before seeing the eclipse. Make sure that you wear eye protection and not looking at the Sun or the sky with naked eyes. As per reports, direct contact with the eclipse might cause damage to your eyes.

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