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Elon Musk Claims SpaceX's First Trip To Mars Will Be In Four Years

Elon Musk's Space flight company Space X is all set to launch its first uncrewed mission to Mars in 2024. Here are other details about the project.

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The American private space flight company, SpaceX is almost ready to start building a permanent human settlement on Mars with the help of its massive Starship rocket. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is reportedly on track to launch its first uncrewed mission to Mars. The mission is set to take off in only four years from now. All these and many more interesting details about the company’s Mars mission were revealed by Elon Musk on Friday, October 16 at the International Mars Society Convention. 

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SpaceX Starship’s journey to Mars

The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel The Mars Society and Elon Musk was in conversation with The Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin. Musk told, “I think we have a fighting chance of making that second Mars transfer window.” According to a report on, the window Musk is referring to here is a launch opportunity towards Mars which that arises every 26 months. It is important to note that NASA, China and the United Arab Emirates all launched missions to Mars in July of this year. But SpaceX could not do so. The next window opens in 2022, after almost two years. But Musk is referring to the 2024 Mars launch opportunity. 

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The Mars mission will launch on a SpaceX Starship vehicle, which is a reusable rocket-and-spacecraft combo. It is currently under development at the company's South Texas facility. The space exploration company is also planning to use Starship for missions to the moon starting in 2022. It will also be used for point-to-point trips around the globe as well.

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Elon Musk and his Mars mission

The 49-year-old entrepreneur has always believed that humans need to establish a permanent and self-sustaining presence on Mars to ensure "the continuance of consciousness as we know it.” The interplanetary travel and colony might come in handy just in case planet Earth is left uninhabitable by a nuclear war or an asteroid strike. However, contrary to his beliefs SpaceX doesn't have any plans as of now, of building a Mars base. As a transportation company, its only goal is to ferry cargo (and humans) to and from the Red Planet. By doing so SpaceX will be facilitating the development of someone else's Mars base. 

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During the virtual conversation, Zubrin said that SpaceX is taking on the biggest single challenge any transportation company has taken on yet. At the moment there are a lot of other systems that are going to be needed to reach Mars. According to Zubrin, it would be a feat in itself if SpaceX is able to launch the Starship in the stratosphere before the end of this year. Zubrin also said that it would be an even bigger feat if the rocket reaches orbit next year or the year after.

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