VIRAL: Training Video Of 'Belgian Malinois' Captivates Netizens

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Belgian Malinois performs stupendous feats, displaying its agility and endurance, qualities it is well known for in a video which has gone viral in the internet

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:

A video believed to be showing Belgian Malinois dog in training has gone viral on the internet. Belgian Malinois is a dog breed which has gained popularity after it was revealed that it was used in the raid of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as well as in the US 2011 operation in which Osama Bin Laden was killed. In the video the dog performs stupendous feats, displaying its agility and endurance, qualities it is well known for.

In the video posted below, the dog is seen making long leaps, scaling walls and effectively rescuing a captive. The video which was shared on Twitter has thousands of likes and retweets. The video shows that the dog is able to loosen its leash and even untie the captive's bondages.

Watch the viral video below

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Belgian Malinois involved in ISIS chief raid

The spotlight has grown on the  Belgian Malinois since the operation in Syria's Idlib in which al-Baghdadi was killed. US President  Donald Trump mentioned that he was chased by dogs before he killed himself by suicide. Trump later revealed the name of the Belgian Malinois is Conan.


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President Trump's tweet on the canine

Belgian Malinois are one of the most preferred dog breeds by security forces. They are prized for their endurance and agility and for being lighter than Labradors and German Shepards. Long missions by Indian security forces, as per reports, involve them.

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