Published Feb 29, 2024 at 1:13 AM IST

Shahjahan Sheikh's arrest choreographed to avoid ED, CBI?

Shahjahan has not been arrested, he has surrendered on his own terms. In fact, Shahjahan has not surrendered. It is Mamata Banerjee who has surrendered to Shahjahan. He has 43 criminal cases against him. And yet, Mamata Banerjee stood up and defended this man on the floor of the West Bengal assembly. Today, she didn’t have the guts to expel him. She is scared of Shahjahan because he knows her secrets. If you watch the way Shahjahan strutted into the courtroom, he knows Mamata Banerjee will protect his interests, like he has been protecting her interests. And that is why, he cannot stay in the Bengal Police’s custody. It can’t be allowed, says Arnab