Published Nov 17, 2023 at 12:01 AM IST

Siddaramaiah faces heat over minister's speech

Zameer Ahmed Khan, Karnataka Minister, sparked a controversy by claiming that the BJP leaders are now forced to greet UT Khader, the state's Muslim Speaker, with the word "Namaskaar". He attributed this to the Congress government's efforts. "Today, the BJP must stand up and salute our UT Khader, Congress has made this possible," he said in Telangana at a public gathering. Zameer Ahmed pointed out the key positions that Muslim leaders have held in the Congress, listing them and their positions. "Out of 17 Muslim candidates who stood as Congress candidates, 9 have been elected as MLAs and 5 have influential positions," he said. "I have been appointed to three ministries, Rahim Khan is a minister, and Saleem Ahmed Khan is a Chief Whip. Naseer Ahmed is a political secretary," he said.