Published Nov 17, 2023 at 12:21 AM IST

The Debate: PM Modi cautions about Deepfake

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warned that 'deepfakes' can lead to a crisis and even fuel the flames of discord in a multi-cultural society like ours. Fearing the misuse of AI for creating 'deepfakes', the Prime Minister on Friday said he even saw a 'deep fake' video of himself doing 'garba'. 'I watched my 'deep fake video of me doing garba,' the Prime Minister said. 'But the truth is I haven't done garba since I was in school. Someone made my 'deepfake video'," he said addressing journalists at BJP's Diwali Milan. Earlier this month, the Union ministry of electronics and IT directed social media platforms to ensure that they act to weed out misinformation and deepfakes as mandated by Indian law.