Updated April 3rd, 2024 at 21:39 IST

Vegan And Travelling? Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Destinations You Must Visit

The vegan movement may be on the rise but the lifestyle choice is yet to assertively eek out a place for itself in the mainstream culinary food scene.

Vegan dishes | Image:Unsplash

The advent of veganism as a lifestyle choice - both from the perspective of a smoother health as well as ethical reasons which stand against animal cruelty of any degree - cannot be denied. However, being a vegan and globetrotting is still not as seamless an experience as the community at hand would hope. Here's taking a list of cities, where worries about your next vegan meal, will be a thing of the past.

London, United Kingdom

London rules almost all charts when it comes to the global vegan scene. The city's embracement of the vegan movement is not something that is just up for experience but is also visually plastered across the aesthetic nooks and crannies. As per a Happy Cow report, Central London currently has 161 fully vegan restaurants, over 350 fully vegan establishments.


Not just niche eateries like BOBA NA BABA, Benji's Buns, Moko and En Root, but also plant-based fine dining makes for a palpable option with Gauthier Soho and Farmacy.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin stands next on the list of the world's most vegan-friendly cities. The Berlin city center boasts of 124 vegan restaurants with 209 fully vegan establishments. Doen Doen Kebap, Vegan Haus and Grado Babo could make for a day of exciting culinary stops. Additionally, Berlin too, has hopped on to the plant-based fine dining scene with Oukan Dining, FREA and Kopps making for popular picks.


The Green Market Berlin is an absolute must-visit on account of it being a 100% vegan street food market.

Barcelona, Spain

Third on the list of the world's most vegan-friendly cities is the Spanish city of Barcelona. Barcelona boasts of 58 fully vegan restaurants within the city center and 116 vegan businesses. Among budget-friendly options, La Galla Tasca Vegana, Botànic and Pastan Barcelona are must visits.


Upscale dining options include Age of Aquarius - a high-ranking Spanish and Sushi restuarant as well as La Capritxeria, an all-vegan sweet shop.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The headcount for vegan restaurants in Amsterdam’s city center stands at 67 in addition to 107 fully vegan establishments. Amsterdam's vegan-friendly options include both budget-friendly hotspots like KOOL and Have A Roll with exquisite dining options ranging from Bonboon to The Meets.


Little Plant Pantry is a must-visit spot, owing to its main attraction - a zero-waste wholefood store.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg has massively come up in the vegan food scene. The city currently holds 56 all-vegan restaurants as well as 99 vegan businesses. Much like other cities on the list, Hamburg too has an abundance of options between budget-friendly eateries and high-flying fine dining.


An absolute must-visit when in the city, however, is Katzentempel, the all-vegan 'Temple of Cats' where one can enjoy their vegan eats in the company of rescue cats. 


Published April 3rd, 2024 at 21:39 IST