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A Man Walks Into A Bar Riddle And Answer: Test Your Creative Thinking Skills

Here is the 'A man walks into a bar' riddle that is trending online and its answer. This riddle will test your creative thinking skills.

a man walks into a bar

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are staying indoors in self-isolation. This has led to widespread anxiety, as most people have nothing to do while they stay at home. During these trying times, some netizens have taken to solving riddles and puzzles on social media and Whatsapp. These riddles and puzzles can help you stay occupied during the COVID-19 lockdown and they also force you to think creatively. Here is the 'A man walks into a bar' riddle that is currently being shared online by netizens. 

A man walks into a bar riddle

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The riddle goes as follows, "A man walks into a bar. He asks the bartender for a glass of water. But instead of giving him a glass of water, the bartender points a gun at the man. A few seconds later the man thanks the bartender and they both go on with their day. What happened?" This riddle can be confusing at first and the answer is not obvious. You need to think carefully and creatively if you want to solve this riddle. Here is a hint, the man was facing some problems and the bartender actually helped him out. 

A man walks into a bar riddle answer

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Think about the man's situation carefully. He walked into a bar but only asked for water, which means that he was never there for alcohol. He was not meeting a friend either. Moreover, when the bartender pointed a gun at him, the man thanked the bartender. Which means that the gun actually helped out the man.

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If you connect all these clues together, then you will realise that the man actually had hiccups. Water helps you get rid of hiccups, which is why the man went to the bar in the first place. But the best way to get rid of hiccups is fear. That is why the bartender used the gun to scare the man, basically getting rid of his hiccups.  

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