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Armenian Athlete Performs 32 Pull-ups From Helicopter, Sets Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records said "the most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute is 32, achieved by Hamazasp Hloyan (Armenia) in Yerevan, Armenia."

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Vidit Baya

Image: Facebook/GuinnessWorldRecord

A new Guinness World Record has been set by an Armenian athelete by completing 32 pull-ups in one minute while clinging to a helicopter's skids. In Yerevan, the countries capital, Hamazasp Hloyan set a record by performing the most pull-ups in a minute while hanging from a helicopter.

Hloyan, who prepared for the record attempt alongside fellow Armenian Guinness World Record holder Roman Sahradyan, now holds the Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups in a minute. 

In a statement, Guinness World Records said "The most pull ups from a helicopter in one minute is 32, achieved by Hamazasp Hloyan (Armenia) in Yerevan, Armenia, on 5 November 2022. Hamazasp was trained by multiple Guinness World Records title holder Roman Sahradyan (Armenia)."

The official Facebook handle of Guinness World Record posted a video clip of the successful attempt by Hloyan. 

Fitness Duo Sets Guinness World Record For Most Pull-ups From A Helicopter 

Previously, YouTubers and fitness fanatics Stan Browney and Arjen Albers broke the record for doing the most pull-ups in a minute while hanging out of a helicopter in a video that Guinness World Records published in August of last year.

An official adjudicator was present when Stan Bruininck and Arjen Albers staged their bid for the world record title at Hoevenen Airfield in Antwerp, Belgium, according to a video posted on YouTube by Guinness World Records. Albers broke the previous record of 23, established by Armenian record breaker Roman Sahradyan, by clocking 24 pull-ups from helicopter treads.

The influencer's record time, however, only lasted as long as his attempt, as Bruininck soon after completed 25 pull-ups while dangling from the aircraft. After preparing for weeks, the two aced the challenge. A slick PVC tube suspended from ropes was utilised by the two sportsmen to mimic the movements of a helicopter. They also made the decision to raise the bar and train on a tube that had a diameter thicker than the bar they would use on the day as part of the Guinness World Records in order to be better prepared for the occasion.

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