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France: Travellers Entering From 16 Countries To Undergo Coronavirus Tests Upon Arrival

Passengers entering France from 16 most infected countries will have to undergo COVID 19 testing upon arrival at French airports and ports.


Passengers entering France from 16 most infected countries will have to undergo COVID-19 testing upon arrival at French airports and ports. French Prime Minister Jean Castex had announced last month that the tests would be required starting August 1 for the arriving passengers. Those who will test positive must have to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

According to reports, France is not permitting general travel to and from the 16 countries, which include nations like the United States and Brazil. The testing requirement therefore only applies to people entering under limited circumstances. French citizens who live in these countries or citizens of these countries with an established residence in France.

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According to media reports, passengers are having mixed experiences. One of the travelers Daniel Court was reportedly tested at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport after coming from the French Riviera city of Nice. He acknowledged not loving the experience. Another passenger who was tested at Paris’ main airport Nadia Vusik of Belarus, said she thought the new policy made sense.

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Number of infected persons is increasing day by day and to control the outbreak French government has made wearing masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces. On July 23, France decided to distribute free face masks to poor citizens. According to the reports, the masks will be provided to seven million people who have enrolled themselves for complementary health-insurance that people living on low incomes are entitled to.

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French Health Minister Olivier Veran reportedly warned citizens about increasing infection in the country. He also pointed at the possibility of a resurgence of national health emergency and assured nation is far away from the second wave. Currently, France has 213,031 confirmed cases and 30,150 deaths, which makes it 18 most infected country.

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