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Moon Sua mourns brother Moonbin's demise, Billie cancels all schedules for this week

Moon Sua is the chief mourner at Moonbin's funeral. The late idol's younger sister and Billie member Moon Sua cancelled and postponed all her shows.

Reported by: Hardika Gupta
Image: @sua.billie/Instagram | Image:self

Korean boy band ASTRO's member Moonbin died on April 19. The late idol's younger sister and Billie member Moon Sua cancelled and postponed all her upcoming shows. She is shocked by her brother's untimely demise. 

Her agency, Mystic Story, issued a statement that read, "Hello, this is Mystic Story. We notify you of the cancellation and/or postponement of all schedules planned for this week. In the case of the fan sign events, we plan to notify you of rescheduled dates and further details in a subsequent statement, and in the case of all other broadcast appearance schedules, we also intend on uploading separate notices soon. We ask fans for your understanding. Moon Sua is the chief mourner at Moonbin's funeral. 

About Moonbin and Moon Sua's bond 

In January this year, Moonbin and Moon Sua appeared on MBC's DNA Mate where they showed their brother-sister chemistry. On the show, the late idol dedicated his 2023 wish to his younger sister and said, "I hope Sua is always happy." The makers of the show dropped the video and wrote, "All Moonbin wants in 2023 is his sister's happiness." Moon Sua also shared how the first person that comes to her mind whenever she finds herself in a tough situation is Moonbin. 

The singer even cried while sharing she gets worried for her brother whenever he doesn't pick up her call. The brother-sister duo's chemistry was loved by all. After the idol's demise, fans are worried about Moon Sua. The female K-Pop idol even showered love on her older brother during her debut. She said, "My brother is a warm person. He has always been such a reliable supporter next to me for a long time. I'm grateful for his warm advice." 

About Moonbin's death 

Moonbin died by suicide on April 19. He was 25 at the time of his passing. His agency confirmed the news of his demise by sharing a statement. The statement read, "On April 19, ASTRO member Moonbin suddenly left us and became a star in the sky. Although it cannot be compared to the grief of the bereaved family who lost their beloved son and brother, the ASTRO members, as well as our fellow Fantagio artists and executives, are deeply mourning the deceased in great sadness and shock." The ASTRO band members gathered at the time of Moonbin's wake. His funeral will be held on March 22.


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