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Western Media Exposes Pakistan; Outs Recruitment Of Only 'Christians' As Sewage Cleaners

A leading US daily on Tuesday exposed Pakistan for perpetrating atrocities on its minority Christians, documenting the life of Christian sewer cleaners


A leading US daily on Tuesday exposed Pakistan for perpetrating atrocities and stunning discrimination on its minority Christians. A detailed report carried in the paper documented the life of Christian sewer cleaners in Pakistan, who were originally lower-caste Hindus, being dominated by the state, reading, "caste-based discrimination in Pakistan is almost encouraged by the state."

The report revealed that newspaper advertisements for sewer cleaners in Pakistan come with a caveat-- that only Christians should apply. 

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Pakistan's atrocities towards its minority community has also been exposed during these testing times as the world grapples with the COVID pandemic. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) recently shed light on the troubling reports of "food aid being denied to the minority Hindus and Christians in Pakistan" amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

THE USCIRF noted incidents in Karachi where there have been reports of an NGO called Saylani Welfare International Trust established to assist the homeless and seasonal workers has been refusing food assistance to Hindus and Christians, allegedly arguing that the aid is "reserved for Muslims alone".

Back in its 2019 Annual Report, USCIRF had noted that Hindus, Christians and other minority religions in Pakistan "face continued threats to their security and are subjected to various forms of harassment and social exclusion."

Pakistan has time and again been exposed over its brutality towards minorities and attacks on them while the Pakistani government keeping its mouth shut on the atrocities on minorities. Besides the latest reports of discrimination over food aid, Pakistan had earlier resorted to attacks on Sikh Gurudwara, kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu and Sikh girls and also killing of minorities, or at the very least, allowing murderous supremacist militant groups free reign.

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