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Afghanistan Govt, Taliban Issue Joint Statement; Agree To Prevent Civilian Casualties

In a major breakthrough, the Afghanistan government and Taliban have issued a joint statement on the situation and agreed to prevent civilian casualties.

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In a major breakthrough amid the violence in Afghanistan, the government and Taliban have issued a joint statement on the situation and agreed to prevent civilian casualties. According to Afghanistan's TOLOnews, both sides have agreed to protect the country’s civilian infrastructure, prevent civilian casualties, and cooperate with humanitarian assistance. The decision was announced by both sides in their joint statement. 

Joint statement by Afghanistan government and Taliban 

As per TOLOnews, Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation and the head of the 7-member delegation of Afghan politicians, has assured that the government is committed to peace. Both sides have decided to continue the high-level talks even though there has been no clarity on the de-escalation of violence or ceasefire. TOLOnews added that the government and Taliban have decided to work together on a common ground to move away from the current situation. Moreover, both sides have also thanked Qatar, which has been hosting them for peace talks. In addition, officials from both sides have also committed to cooperating in terms of treating COVID-19 patients in Afghanistan.

Taliban agrees for a 3-month ceasefire; puts forth conditions

Earlier, the insurgent group had announced that it was willing to follow a ceasefire if 7,000 militants that have been imprisoned in Afghanistan are released. As per reports, the Taliban have captured over  150-180 districts in the country. The clashes in the country have intensified following a withdrawal of US and NATO troops from the Afghanistan soil where they had been based since the Afghanistan War began 20 years ago. The group has captured large swathes of territory, including border areas with Iran, China and Pakistan. Even as talks continue, reports have stated that the Taliban continues to gain more ground and many have opined that it will re-establish the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan. A United States intelligence report had earlier informed that Kabul could fall within six months after the US troops' withdrawal. 

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