New Zealand Family Replies To Message Sent In A Bottle About 7 Years Ago From Germany

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A German family were ecstatic when they received a reply to a message in a bottle from Auckland, New Zealand. The german family sent the message 7 years ago.

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After sending a message in a bottle German family receives reply

A German family was ecstatic when receiving a reply to a message in a bottle that they had set afloat seven years ago. According to reports, Julia Gogos and her children had set the message in a bottle afloat on the Rhine river in Germany in 2013 and were surprised to find a reply one day in her letterbox. According to the reply, the bottle and the message inside it travelled 18,000 kilometres to Auckland, New Zealand.

Unexpected reply

As per reports, Julia and her children, Silas and Maja, along with her friend's children, Frida and Jon had written that anyone that found the message should send back a reply. According to a Facebook post that was uploaded by Julia's husband Christian, they had recently received a letter from Auckland, New Zealand stating that their message had been found.

The reply had been reportedly sent by four people Scott, Julia, Lea and Alice Joy that returned it with a small message that just read that their message had been found and that they would be sending it back from Auckland, New Zealand. The reply to the letter was dated February 7.

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According to the Facebook post, the Gogos family had only expected the bottle to reach as far as the Netherlands and had completely forgotten about it after some days. Christian's post also claimed that unfortunately, the reply had not come with contact details and then he appealed to the internet to help him and his family find Scott, Julia, Lea and Alice Joy so that the Gogos family could thank them. Christian's post on Facebook is dated February 18 and has been shared almost 2,000 times.

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The Rhine river where the Gogos family had thrown the bottle flows in a northerly direction and next goes towards the Netherlands and then empties into the North Sea. While the distance between Bonn, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand in a straight line is a little more than 18,000km, the bottle most likely did not travel in a straight line and travelled much more on the open sea.


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