Australia: Police Arrests Couple For Stealing Bushfire Charity Box

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Victoria police have recently announced that they have arrested two individuals in relation to the theft of a charity tin box which was used for donations.

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Victoria police have recently announced that they have arrested a couple in relation to the theft of a charity tin box which was used for donations to the victims of the Australian bushfire. The individuals were caught on CCTV stealing the tin box and the police had earlier released the video in an attempt to catch them.

Theives captured

The police had released the video in a now-deleted tweet showing the two thieves walking hand-in-hand into the restaurant in Frankston, Melbourne. It was shared with the caption asking the public if they recognised the two in the video and appealed for public assistance. The video shows the thieves make their way to the counter where the man can be seen moving the charity box towards the woman who then opens her bag in order to put the tin inside the bag. The video then cuts to show that one of the perpetrators had very visible tattoos on his calves. This incident comes when people all over the world have been donating to help out all those who have been affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia.

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A lot of celebrities have been coming forward to provide funds for the relief efforts of the Australia bushfire. The devastating bushfires are continuing to consume a large part of the country which has already costed the lives of over 400 million animals.
The wildfires have reportedly taken the life of 25 people and destroyed over 2,000 homes. The hotter, drier conditions combined with record high temperatures and drought are the reasons behind the devastating fires. Now, Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation Earth Alliance environmental organisation will be donating $3 million for the relief efforts of Australia bushfire. 

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