Australian PM Scott Morrison Criticized In Protests Over Bushfire Crisis

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticized in several protests held across major cities. The protestors have demanded that he step down from his post.

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A set of protests were recently held in major cities and towns across Australia criticising the handling of the bushfire by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The protestors have been demanding that Morrison be removed for not doing enough for the handling of the fire emergencies mainly in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Protests help despite concerns

The protestors were criticised by police and politicians alike because the protests would divert resources away from the firefighting efforts. But despite the criticism, the organisers, the Uni Students for Climate Justice went ahead with the protests believing they were necessary. The protests aimed at shutting down major parts of the town during peak hours in those cities.

The rally organisers marched with the motto of 'sack SCOMO' which means they wanted Morrison to step down as Prime Minister as well as secure compensation for volunteer firefighters and emergency housing and compensation for those paying for accommodation after their houses burnt down.

In addition, they also wanted the government to stop the export of coal and stop the multi-billion-dollar fossil fuel subsidy. The chants of 'We Want Climate Justice' and 'sack SCOMO' were heard all through the protests. A lot of people who had attended the rallies were bushfire victims or had family members of those who had lost homes to the devastating bushfires.

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Despite the rain in Melbourne, as many as 5,000 people attended the protest march while holding signs and pictures of dead animals who have also been victims to the fire.


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