Australia: Cake Eating Competition Takes A Tragic Turn After Woman Is 'choked' To Death

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An Australian woman lost her life during a cake-eating competition organised to celebrate Australia Day. The 60-year-old choked and had a seizure while eating.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

An Australian woman lost her life during a cake-eating competition organised to celebrate Australia Day. According to reports, the 60-year-old woman choked and had a seizure after she ate many lamingtons at one go. She was one of the contestants in the Beach House Hotel's annual Australia Day lamington and meat pie eating contest.

Woman dies in cake eating competition

According to reports, paramedics were immediately called to the pub in Queensland where the competition was being conducted. The woman was rushed to a hospital but later passed away.

The management of the hotel responded to the unfortunate incident and offered their condolences to the 60-year-old's friends and family.

Lamington is an Australian cake that is made from squares of butter cake or sponge cake in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and then rolled in coconut. The mixture is absorbed into the outside of the sponge cake and is then left to set, giving the cake its unique texture.

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21-year-old eats 22 Big Macs

A model named Nela Zisser took everyone by surprise after she ate 22 Big Macs in an hour. The model, who is also a competitive eater, is from New Zealand and weighs just 55kg. According to media reports, Nela started participating in competitive eating since she was 21-year-old and had defeated many big eaters in the past by her amazing eating capacity.

Media reports suggest that Nela started competitive eating ever since she had defeated '19 big dudes' after entering a pizza-eating competition. After winning the pizza-eating contest, Nela became more confident to try out different competitions across the globe.

Nela started her own YouTube channel to showcase her impressive skills. Nela once uploaded a video where she ate 10,000 calorie English breakfast, which included 20 eggs, a kilogram of bacon fried in butter, six sausages, four muffins and mushrooms cooked in cream in 42 minutes.

The belly-busting stunt caught media attention and Nela rose to fame immediately. Nela also ate 1kg burrito as part of her YouTube video. However, Nela's fame is not limited to YouTube, she competes in food-eating competitions all over the planet. Nela was placed seventh in New York's much-hyped Hot Dog Eating Championships.

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