Australian Woman Discovers $1 Coin Is Now Worth More Than $3,000

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An Australian mum has been stunned and excited after discovering that her $1 coin is now worth up to $3,000, as per the reports.

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Australian mum

A Melbourne mother has been shocked after discovering a tiny $1 coin that's worth up to $3000. Tanya shared a post on Melbourne With Kidz Facebook page revealing that the tiny coin could worth more than $3,000 or more. Tanya described the specific Mule coin and reportedly said that it is a small $1 dollar coins dating back to the year 2000 which has been minted and released into circulation by mistake.

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Russian Australian Mint accidentally minted coins

She added that Russian Australian Mint accidentally minted the coins using the smaller 10 cent obverse die by mistake. She added that with a 1.4-millimetre difference in diameter between the 10 cents and $1 coin one can clearly see a double rim circle going around the edges of the coin. According to the reports, most people would not notice the mistake unless they look very closely to see the difference. Some Mule coins may go above the $3,000 mark, as per the reports. 

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1p book now worth £2,500

Similarly, a book collector was astonished realizing that a signed Harry Potter book he had bought for a penny is now worth up to £2,500. Mark Cavoto, 51, has spent his last decade buying and selling the novels since his daughter started collecting them as a child but the one he purchased from Amazon was a pertinently big earner. The book was signed by JK Rowling herself. A rare Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets is expected to collect between £1,800-£2,500 while on the other hand, ten hardbound editions of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets could gain £800. The collection is set to go under the auctions on December 12.

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The businessman with a shop in Buxton said that he knew this was a great business opportunity. He said that he checked ISBN numbers and sourced the same three books second-hand on Amazon. The books he bought for a penny was sold in minutes for £9.99 each on eBay. He added that once he bought around 10 Harry Potter books a day and Holly liked to open all the books. One day she glanced at a book and said that it got ink on it. He said that she stared at him and said that it is being signed by JK Rowling. It was a 1998 hardback first edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second novel in the series.

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