Barge Stuck In Niagara Falls For 100 Yrs Moves Due To Halloween Storm

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Barge stuck in Niagara falls moved by effect of Halloween storm from Horseshoe falls. It is a dump scow which was submerged under the waterfall in 1918.

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Niagara Falls

When a Halloween storm hit the Niagara Falls on October 31, an old barge was found stuck in the rapids which have been dated to be as old as 100 years. Niagara Parks Commission told the media that the barge was grounded in shallows on the Canadian side in August 1918 and broke loose as the river above the falls was battered by high winds and rain. As per reports, the rusty iron scow moved about 50m (164ft) downstream before becoming lodged again.

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The barge was a dumping scow from 1918 which sunk at Horseshoe Falls

The barge, while not currently moving, appears to have flipped on its side and spun around said Jim Hill, the commission's senior heritage manager to the media. Officials speculate that the ship could be stuck in its position for days or years. Back in 1913, the vessel, known as a dumping scow, broke free of the tug towing it during a dredging operation, informed officials. It sunk in the brink of Horseshoe Falls, one of three separate waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls and travelled about a third of a mile from there to reach the spot, they added. When it sunk, there were reportedly two men on board who opened the lower doors in the bottom to flood it and slow its fall at the drop. Reports mention that no lives were lost and that the two men were rescued.

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Since it reached the spot, the scow is now 50m meters down the river. It turned and twisted in a very heavy current flow of the river. 

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Damage caused by Halloween storm

The Halloween storm has reportedly caused damage to millions of dollars in the US. The affected can visit a Disaster Assistance Service Center to learn more about the services being offered or call 211. New York State Office of General Services Commissioner Roann Destito said efforts are ongoing to get an application into FEMA for funding the damage. The local authorities and organizations like the American Red Cross are already providing aid.

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