Brazilian Man Dressed As Mother To Appear For Driving Test, Gets Arrested

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A 43-year-old Brazilian man dressed as his 60-year-old mother and appeared for the fourth attempt on getting a driving license, later arrested by the police.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Brazilian man dressed as his 60-year-old mother and appeared for the fourth attempt on getting a driving license. Dona Maria had already attempted three times in the driving test and failed, therefore, for the next time, it was her 43-year-old son, Heitor Schaive. The Brazilian resident wore a floral top, applied nail paint, make-up, and a wig to look like his mother. However, his plan was working perfectly until the examiner realised that the person driving for the test is not the same as the one on the ID. 

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Suspicion of examiner

Reportedly, the driving test examiner, Aline Mendonca told an international news agency that Heitor tried to look as 'normal' as possible and even wore women's jewellery. Heitor arrived two hours later to the test and out of suspicion, Mendonca asked 'her' to start the driving test while took 'her' ID only to learn about the imposter. After being ousted by the police, Heitor confessed that he did all that only for his mother who was unaware of the entire incident. Heitor was arrested with the charges of fraudulent misrepresentation but was later released after police imposed a fine. 

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In the aftermath of the incident, the Brazilian Police were criticised by the citizens for busting a man who was trying to do 'something nice' for his old mother. However, police defended their actions and said that driving test is a serious matter and one must 'earn' their pass. Heitor and his mother belonged to a small Brazil town, Novo Mutum Parana. In a similar incident in Brazil, a man attempted to get out of the prison dressed up as his daughter. Da Silva planned to walk out from the prison and fool the authorities by dressing up as his 19-year-old daughter who came to meet him and leave her behind in the jail. However, Silva was later caught by the prison authorities. 

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