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Chihuahua With 'raised Eyebrow' Breaks Internet, Netizens Compare It To Disney Villain

Chihuahua captures people’s attention wherever he goes as he looked like a movie villain with an evil scheme than a regular household pup, claimed the owner.


Lucky, a two-year-old mixed breed Chihuahua with a prominent black eyebrow and evil expression reportedly makes people compare him with a Hollywood movie villain, claimed owner. The dog from Bangkok, Thailand with vivid blue eyes is famous online for his unusual looks and sinister face said reports.

 Natnicha Namakprasert, the 29-year-old dog owner told the reporters that her little Chihuahua captured people’s attention wherever he would go as he looked like a movie villain with an evil scheme than a regular household pup. She said that the dog’s jet-black eyebrow over his right eye made him look sinister, however, her puppy’s unique inquisitive face only made her fall more in love with the dastardly looking dog.


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Lucky has one brown eye and the other vivid blue

Natnicha said that the first time she saw the dog’s eyebrow and his blue eyes, she thought he was amazing, and it drove her crazy, so she immediately wanted to adopt him. Most people say funny things like he was rushing to be born, so he couldn't draw another eyebrow in time, or some people said he should be a villain in a Disney cartoon, she added.

According to the reports, Lucky got famous for his rare features when an employee at an adoption company shared a post on social media for the dog’s adoption and people instantly started to compare the dog with the Bond movie villain. Since then, the owner has shared astonishing photos of the pet online that has one brown eye and the other vivid blue.


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A picture of Lucky was shared by the Dogspotting Society page where users left funny comments about the features of the dog. Some users called the dog beautiful, while others claimed that the dog was stunning. And as usual, most people compared the dog with evil characters from the movies.


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