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China Blocks COVID-19 Discussion In UNSC Stating Pandemic Not Linked With Global Security

China, majorly with the support of Russia and South Africa, blocked any discussion over the global COVID-19 outbreak in the United Nations Security Council.

China blocks COVID-19 discussion in UNSC after denying its link with global security

China blocked the move to discuss novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in the United Nations Security Council on Friday, March 27. Russia and South Africa helped China nix any effort at discussing the pandemic at the transnational platform. The proposal to initiate the discussion came from Estonia which talked about transparency over the outbreak. However, it did not get enough supporters. 

According to reports, Russia and South Africa, both of which happen to be China’s close trade partners said that there was no link between the spread of the virus and threat to peace and security. China will serve as president of the UNSC till March 31 before the Dominican Republic takes over. 

A diplomat speaking with international media said that it was quite evident that none of the permanent members wanted to come up with a solution that is binding on them such as the opening of international borders.

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Previously, the UN Security Council had discussed Ebola and how it posed a threat to the world. People familiar with the development reportedly said that it had been possible because the United States had worded its proposal to underline that deaths due to the virus were exacerbating the conflict in West Africa, particularly Sierra Leone, and thus presenting a threat to global peace and security.

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'Created demand, now will supply'

All this comes amid speculation that the real reason no country wants to call out China, was because Beijing has built excess medical capacities in the form of ventilators, hazmat suits, masks and other equipment required for treatment and care of critically ill COVID-19 patients.

While talking further on the topic, a China watcher reportedly said that all the countries are quiet over China as they may have to import the same equipment from them in case of a worst-case scenario. "Simply put, China first created the demand and now will supply it," he added. 

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