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China Calls Mount Everest 'Mount Qomolangma', Netizens Outraged Over 'fake News'

As a Chinese channel called Mount Everest 'Mount Qomolangma' netizens were furious over the 'fake news' and asserted that the world's highest peak was in Nepal.

China calls Mount Everest 'Mount Qomolangma', netizens furious over 'fake news'

Netizens from India and Nepal were up in arms after a post on Mount Everest from a Chinese state-owned news outlet was posted on Twitter. The state-run CGTN’s tweet featuring pictures of the world's highest peak, and the words ‘Mount Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest’ did not go down well with the Twitteratti. Users vented their anger out, calling it ‘fake news’ and asking China to ‘get a life.’

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CCTN had on May 2 posted a tweet of an ‘extraordinary halo’ over Mount Everest. However, the words claiming Mount Qomolangma was the world’s highest peak ‘located in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region’ sparked a row. 

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Netizens asserted that Mount Everest was in Nepal and not in China, and that it will always be the ‘pride of Nepalese’. Some  even shared memes of President Xi Jinping, and tagged Nepal’s government to bring a spotlight on the claim.

Here are the reactions:

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