'Corona Beer Virus' Searches Spike On Google After Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

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News of the coronavirus epidemic continues to travel all across the globe and there has been a sudden spike in searches related to 'Coronavirus beer' on Google.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:
Corona beer virus

The news of the coronavirus epidemic continues to travel all across the globe. According to Google trends, there has been a sudden spike in searches for “Coronavirus beer”, "Corona virus beer" and “Virus corona beer” in the last few days. The web searches are primarily from Australia, India, Canada and America. The conclusion for the searches of the beer and virus together reveals that people are confused between Corona beer and the coronavirus, as they have similarities in names. The deadly virus is suspected to have been originated from the seafood market in Wuhan, China.

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No connection between beer and virus

Clearly, there is absolutely zero connection between Corona beer and this deadly virus. The international outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (nCOV) has caused widespread alarm and panic across the world. With its epicentre in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the virus has slowly spread across the globe with cases being reported in the US, Europe (in France), Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. China's National Health Commission stated that the epidemic is said to have caused over 40 deaths in China, with as many as 1,300 cases of the illness being reported.

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'Too early' to declare global health emergency: WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) however has stated that it is "too early" to declare the disease as a global health emergency. Here is a detailed report about everything you need to know about the coronavirus. The 2019 Coronavirus Outbreak in China has been identified as nCoV which is a new strain of the coronaviruses that have their origins from animals. These transmit illnesses from animals to humans, however, human-to-human transmission is also possible.

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In humans, the nCoV viruses mostly cause respiratory infections and while most of them are mild, some can be potentially dangerous. Some of the similar viruses are Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). 

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