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Coronavirus: Astrophysicist Ends Up In Hospital After Failed Invention

While coronavirus outbreak has created immense fear, an astrophysicist's attempt at creating a device to defy COVID-19 failed as he ended up on a hospital bed.

Coronavirus: Astrophysicist ends up in hospital after failed invention

Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the basic precautions require people to wash their hands regularly, maintain social distance and restrain from touching their faces. Following these rules, an astrophysicist ended up on a hospital bed after his attempt at inventing a device that would stop people from touching their faces, failed. Wanting to create a necklace with an alarm, the magnets the astrophysicist was using got stuck inside his nose.

Necklace to defy coronavirus

Dr. Daniel Reardon, a 27-year-old astrophysicist and research fellow at a Melbourne University, had started working on his invention along with his partner, as per reports. The idea that had come upon his mind was to create a necklace that would ring an alarm, each time the person wearing it would try to touch their face. The experiment started by testing and wearing magnets on their wrists, and tragically had an abrupt end when Dr. Reardon tried putting the magnets inside his nose. Dr. Daniel reportedly clipped the magnets first to his earlobes and then to his nostrils which led to things turning upside down when he clipped the magnets to his other nostrils.

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Failed experiment

The experiment turned upside down when the astrophysicist put two magnets inside his nose and one outside. However, on trying to remove the magnet, the two magnets inside attracted and got stuck inside his nose. The whole process went wrong when the doctor tried to remove the already stuck magnets inside using even more magnets. Dr. Reardon further used a plier to remove the magnets and had to be rushed to the hospital when the pliers also got magnetised. 

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The astrophysicist reportedly said that on trying to pull and remove the magnets, they clipped on to each other, making him lose his grip. He eventually ran out of magnets when two magnets got stuck in his left nostril and one in his right. He further hilariously added that his partner took him to the hospital where she works in as she wanted all her colleagues to enjoy a good laugh at the rare accident. He also said that the doctors found the entire incident quite funny and said that the injury happened as a result of self-isolation and boredom.

The process of the removal of the magnets stuck inside Dr. Daniel Reardon's nose was accomplished after the medical staff of the hospital that he was brought to, applied an anesthetic spray and removed the magnets manually. Dr, Reardon has reportedly decided to abstain from any further experiments at this time. He has decided to work on renovating his home.

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