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Coronavirus: Service Dog In Training Comforts Doctors On Frontline At Denver Hospital

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, doctors and health workers at this medical centre are provided with some much-needed relief by Wynn, a service dog in training.

Coronavirus: Service dog in training provides Dr's much needed break

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, doctors and health workers that are at the front line of this disaster are being pushed to their limits and severely overburdened. In order to combat this, an emergency physician at Rose Medical Center in Denver has come up with a simple and adorable way to combat the stress build up in her and her colleagues. She has done this by bringing her one-year-old Labrador to work with her to give healthcare workers a mental break.

A service dog in training

According to reports, the Labrador’s name is Wynn and is a service dog in training. Wynn’s presence has been a great boost that has allowed the medical staff at the centre to switch off and rest their minds, even if it is just for a few seconds. Wynn’s owner Susan has claimed that when one is in the presence of a dog and are petting a dog then they are actually taking a moment to ground themselves in the present and are not overburdened by the weight of their responsibilities.

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As per reports, Susan has claimed that seeing Wynn after a particularly difficult day has many times helped her get back on her feet. Wynn has been given her own special room in the medical centre and anyone that needs to take a mental break can always go and hang out with Wynn. Everyone that visits Wynn has to wash their hands and ensure they are not wearing anything that might hard Wynn.

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