Australia: Couple Finds Giant 10-foot Python Coiled Around Christmas Tree

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A couple from Australia finds giant 10-foot python coiled around their Christmas Tree Balcony on Thursday, December 12; the couple was shocked to find the snake

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

A couple in Australia got a Christmas surprise when they found a 10-foot giant python coiled around their Christmas tree in her balcony. Leanne Chapman and her partner found the reptile on December 12 on Thursday according to local news sources. The sighting of snakes and other wilderness is quite common in Australia.

Christmas surprise!

The couple did not notice the snake at first and were busy looking for butcher birds that usually come to their balcony, as they inched closer they were shocked to see the snake. Chapman while talking to local media said that they were about to shoo away the birds because they were making more noise than usual and then spotted the snake and Chapman said that she did not expect to find a snake there at all.

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Brave watcher

In another incident involving a python, a viral video is making rounds on the internet where a man can be seen trying to save a snake that is stuck in a well. The video was shot in Kerala and has been described by those that have seen the video as daring and scary at the same time. The man in the video has been identified as Shagil.

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Shagil, the man in the video is a rescue watcher that works with the forest department hailing from Peramangalam in Thrissur. While talking to local media, Shagil said that on Wednesday he received a call from an acquaintance near his place that there was a snake that was stuck inside a well. Upon reaching the scene and seeing the well and snake for himself he thought about using a trap to catch the snake and bring it up. But unfortunately, the well proved to be too deep and the snake moved away from the trap every time it was lowered. After that Shagil decided to go down into the well himself.

Shagil added that once he was in the well he used a branch that can be seen in his hand in the video to make the snake come to him. Once the snake reaches Shagil, he reaches and grabs the reptile's head. After that Shagil was being lifted up by the locals. Almost having reached the top of the well Shagil extends his hand to one of the locals so that they might pick him up but just before he is picked up we can see him falling along with the snake back into the well.  The video abruptly ends at this point but both Shagil and the snake are fine. Shagil said that because the well was deep and filled with water he did not get injured.

Shagil later climbed out of the well and the snake was also rescued and released into the wild. Shagil has denied that the fall he experienced had anything to do with the snake suffocating him or him feeling shortness of breath. He said that while he was near the top of the well when he had extended his hand in order to be pulled up but the local got spooked and as a result, Shagil fell. Shagil himself added that he has a lot of experience with rope climbing and has worked extensively in quarries.

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