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COVID-19 Outbreak: Netherlands To Begin Easing Nationwide Lockdown

The Dutch Government recently announced plans to slowly reopen the Netherlands after the COVID-19 lockdown. The country will begin reopening from May 11 onwards

COVID-19: Netherlands unveils plan to reopen country after lockdown

The Dutch Government recently announced plans to slowly reopen the Netherlands. According to reports, the reopening of the country will begin from May 11 onwards. The ease in restrictions will reportedly begin with the opening of some close contact professions and moving forward the restrictions will be lifted throughout the summer.

As per reports, the Dutch government aims to achieve normalcy and hopes to begin allowing events with large crowds such as festivals, concerts, and professional football matches from September 1 onwards, but those will depend on the success of the reopening and will thus be decided on a later date.

According to reports, the plans to slowly reopen the Netherlands was announced by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge in a press conference on May 6. According to the announcement, fitness centres, saunas, sports club canteens, and casinos will be allowed to operate again from September 1 onwards and even contact sports and indoor sports can resume without audiences from September 1 onwards.

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As per reports, Prime Minister Mark Rutte during the press conference said that Netherlands can only be reopened if everyone acts sensibly. He also said the 17 million people in the Netherlands must work together and that the reopening of the Netherlands will require more corporation and responsibility from the people.

According to reports, on May 11, there will be a limited opening of primary schools, daycare facilities, and some sports activities. Close contact professions will also open their business again. These will include hairdressers, beauticians, and other external care providers, alternative medicine practitioners, and health and welfare professions, like masseuses, dietitians, and occupational therapists.

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