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Coronavirus: European Hospitals Running Out Of Medication For Patients In Intensive Care

Amidst the coronavirus, nine leading university hospitals in Europe have claimed that they will soon run out of life-saving medicines for COVID-19 patients.

European hospitals running out of meds for patients in intensive care

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, nine leading university hospitals in Europe have claimed that they will soon run out of life-saving medicines for COVID-19 patients that are in intensive care. According to reports, hospitals across Europe have been overburdened and stretched to their limits due to the deadly Coronavirus.

Running out of supplies

As per reports, the European University Hospital Alliance has warned that without the aid of nations that can ensure a steady supply of essential medicines, medical professionals battling the virus on the frontline may be unable to provide the patients in intensive care with adequate care. According to a statement published by the alliance and sent out to national governments, while there is still need for masks and other protective gear, the more urgent need was for medicines that are necessary for intensive care patients.

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According to reports, Italy’s national pharmaceutical agency last week issued an alarm stating that the recent jump in demand for certain medicines meant that supplies were running low. The agency also set up a special email address to be used by regional authorities in the case that they were having any difficulties in locating certain medicines.

As per reports, international organizations like the World Health Organization and other agencies were in negotiations with G20 nations on how to quickly increase the production of essential medical supplies.

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Unemployment scheme

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the proposal of bloc-wide unemployment scheme to assist member countries hit by Coronavirus outbreak. Von der Leyen said that the European Union can mobilise 100 billion euros to aid the strained national unemployment schemes to mitigate the effects of the recession.

Addressing a press conference on April 2, the EU chief said that the scheme would keep people in work and will enable companies to return to the market with renewed vigour. She added that the commission will provide loan to those member states that need them to strengthen their short-time work schemes.

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