Five-legged Frog Found In Australia Undergoes Amputation Surgery

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A five-legged green frog found in Australia's Queensland region has undergone a leg amputation surgery on Thursday. The frog was caught by Kristy Borchert.

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Five-legged frog

A five-legged green frog found in Australia's Queensland region has undergone a leg amputation surgery on Thursday. According to media reports, the frog was caught by Kristy Borchert in the backyard of her house in Mackay following which she contacted frog hospital Frog Safe. The frog was nicknamed 'Buddy' and was taken to a hospital in Mission Beach to have the superfluous limb amputated.

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Five-legged frog

As per reports, the staff at the Frog Safe hospital were amazed to see the mutation in the green frog. Deborah Pergolotti, a carer as the hospital who has looked after fogs for 21 years said that she had never seen a frog with five legs. Pergolotti further added that the fifth leg was growing out of the frog's chest and despite it being functional, it was thought that its location was causing the problem in the frog's movement and in catching enough food. According to Pergolotti, the fifth leg of the frog was coming straight out of the middle of its chest which was a matter of concern for doctors before the surgery. 

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In another incident, a green tree frog miraculously survived after eating the third most venomous snake in the world. The green tree frog was bitten multiple times by the Coastal Taipan while trying to devour the snake alive. The incident happened in Queensland and the frog was taken by Chapel Pest Control to be kept under surveillance for some time.

According to reports, the man who took the frog said he wasn't sure if the frog was going to survive and he didn't want it to regurgitate the snake alive and for it to slide back into the woman's backyard, so he took the frog with him.

Image credit: Frog Safe

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