French Interior Ministry Says 9/11 Inspired Attacks Foiled By DGSE

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Christophe Castaner, France's interior minister, stated that the authorities had taken a man into custody for his role in planning a 9/11 inspired attack

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On October 17, Christophe Castaner, France's Interior Minister, stated that the French authorities had taken an unknown man into custody for his alleged role in planning an attack that was inspired by the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center in New York City, 2001. This statement was in relation to an incident wherein an individual working for the IT industry and having alleged ties with the Islamists, killed 3 officers and one civilian before he was shot dead.

No stranger to terror attacks

France for a really long time has been plagued by the issue of how to tackle domestic and foreign terrorists following a series of terror activities that have taken place across the country.

France has also witnessed more than 230 individuals being killed in the past 4 years due to attacks coordinated by Islamic terror groups with the most notable one being the 2015 terror attacks that happened in the city of Paris.

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The 2015 Paris terror attacks

The 2015 Paris terror attacks were a series of coordinated terror attacks that took place in Paris and Saint-Denis, a suburb in the northern part of the city. The first bomb blast happened outside the Stade de France while a football match was going on. It was followed by a series of shootings at cafes and restaurants that claimed the lives of a lot of people.

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Terrorists also carried out a shooting and took a few hostages at an Eagles of Death Metal concert that was going on in the Bataclan theatre. It was reported that the terrorists shot or blew themselves as soon as the police forces raided the theatre to put a stop to these attacks. 

The Islamic terror attacks were the worst in France since the second world war and were considered to be the second-worst in the European Union since the Madrid train bombings that took place in 2004.

The United States of America was subject to the deadliest terror attack on its home soil on September 11, 2001, wherein 2 commercial airliners were hijacked and forced to crash in the world trade towers in New York city claiming the lives of 2753 people.

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