Germany: Man's Epic Marriage Proposal Can Be Seen On Google Maps

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Germany man filtered out crops in his cornfield to carve out the words "Will you marry me?" to propose to his girl in German, google maps shows the image.

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Steffen Schwarz, a 32-year-old part-time farmer in Germany is reportedly preparing to marry her fiancee in June after he made a unique marriage proposal to her which featured on google maps service and can be seen worldwide now. Steffan rooted out the crops in his cornfield to carve out the romantic message "Will you marry me?" to propose to his girlfriend in German that cleared gaps in the land so huge that it could be spotted on the google maps all around the world. Although, he later convinced his girlfriend to read the proposal from a drone.

Spelled the proposal using seeding machine

The 34-year-old spelled out his proposal using a seeding machine that extended across the entire width of almost two-hectare (five-acre) field in Huettenberg, central Germany, state reports. Steffan told the media that he was shocked to know that his message now had such a vast audience because google mapping service picked it and featured the proposal on the exact location.

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Steffan told the German media outlet that he was that he had no idea that his proposal’s image was on the popular mapping service by Google until he was alerted by a family member. He said that he was called by an aunt that lived in Canada who gave him that his proposal can be seen on google maps. He added that his aunt actually sent him a screenshot of the same.

So basically, Steffan's proposal was so massive that it actually got picked up via Google Maps, if one checks the link, they should be able to see the field and the question spelled out in big letters that are easily visible from the sky.

Steffan further told the reporters that he convinced his girlfriend to fly the drone by making an excuse that there were wild boars in the field. He said that at first, she could not notice his message because the drone wasn’t flying high enough. He added that she eventually saw the message and got excited and said yes. 

Check out the proposal here on Google Maps

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